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CHP Warns Public about Impaired Rideshare Drivers


The increased use of rideshare apps such as Uber and Lyft has undoubtedly been a gamechanger in the drinking game. For cities without a widespread public transit system, it provides drunk people with a convenient way to get home. Plus, it is cheaper than calling a cab. It offers the public a safe alternative to getting behind the wheel and driving under the influence.

In addition, both Uber and Lyft implement zero tolerance policies in regard to alcohol. Their contracts state that should their drivers have a DUI on their record, they will be dealt with accordingly. Or, the driver will not be hired at all. However, we all know that doesn’t necessarily mean someone hasn’t gotten behind the wheel after a few drinks before. We would hope that people who plan on driving others will refrain from risky behavior while at work. However, there are people who do not fully consider the consequences of their actions. This Cinco de Mayo weekend, the California Highway Patrol arrested a rideshare driver who was too drunk to drive.

The driver, later identified as Arnaldo Cuba, was arrested at a gas station after witnesses saw him stumbling to his vehicle. He didn’t appear fit to drive. Cuba tried to claim that he wasn’t planning on picking up passengers that night, but also stated that he was on active duty. During the CHP investigation, he incriminated himself and stated that he had been waiting to pick up a passenger.

CHP then issued a warning on their Facebook page: “My ride share is here, wait, he’s DUI. Great move calling for a rideshare…so you thought. Bad call in the part of the rideshare driver that showed up DUI, then was reported & arrested by CHP. You may be a sober passenger but be aware of who is driving you & if they may be impaired.”

Remember, you can still be in danger in a rideshare situation if your driver is impaired.

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