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Cycling Under the Influence, a Crime in Colorado


Most of us are aware that driving a vehicle under the influence is illegal. The law is present in one form or another across the United States. But what about riding a bicycle while intoxicated? In California, Vehicle Code 212005.5 states that it is illegal to cycle or bike under the influence. Depending on the state, there may be certain rules and restrictions placed on operating a bicycle or other forms of cycling after having a few alcoholic beverages. Colorado is one state, like California, where the act of riding a bike while intoxicated is considered illegal.

One woman in Longmont, Colorado, was promptly reminded of this law when she was cited on January 26, for drunk biking. Under Colorado law, bicycles are considered vehicles, so bikers have to be careful; the law can be enforced.

Unless there are clear indications that an individual is impaired or endangering themselves or others, law enforcement is unlikely in most cases to make random stops on a cyclist. Suffice to say, drawing unnecessary attention to oneself should be on the list of actions to avoid if you have consumed one too many alcoholic beverages.

While it is less likely that you are going to be causing harm to others while on a bike compared to a car, it would do you good to exercise caution when deciding how to get home. It is illegal to grab a few drinks with your friends and hop on your bike for the ride home.

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