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Cheerleading Coach Arrested for DUI


A California high school coach was arrested at Sonoma State University for a DUI while overseeing her team’s stay at a cheer camp.

Gabriella Vega, 22, Roseville High School’s head cheerleading coach, was driving with one of her 17-year-old student athletes in the car when she struck a tree at 7:33 pm, according to Sonoma State University spokesman, Paul Gullixson. He said officers measured her blood alcohol limit and discovered it was more than three times the legal limit.

No serious injuries were recorded in connection with the crash; only minor damages to the car. Vega was booked into Sonoma County Jail on suspicion of driving with a blood alcohol level over .08 percent, according to Sgt. Spencer Crum, Sonoma County Sheriff’s spokesman.

Vega was later released after posting $10,000 bail shortly after the arrest. She is expected to make her court appearance on August 20th.

According to district officials, she was put on administrative leave pending an investigation by Roseville Joint Union High School District. The school district sent an email to parents throughout the district, alerting them of the incident.

“Roseville High School administration will be meeting with students and parents to discuss next steps for the program,” said the letter. “The safety and security of students remains our number one priority. We will continue to refine and reinforce our expectations regarding the conduct of our coaches.”

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