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Bar Uses Coasters to Remind Drinkers not to Drive Drunk


Often times bars, restaurants, and other alcohol-serving establishments will engage in campaigns aimed at preventing their patrons from driving drunk. A bar in Toronto, Ontario, is the latest alcohol-serving establishment making news with its unnerving reminder to its customers the consequences of driving drunk.

On Saint Patrick’s Day, the Emmet Ray began serving its customers’ drinks on coasters made from the metal of vehicles that were involved in drunk driving collisions.

Each coaster reads, “This coaster used to be a car that never made it home.” As if the statement wasn’t a reminder enough, several of the coasters have dents, chipped paint, or scratches acquired from the collision.

The coasters were created by the organization Arrive Alive which raises awareness on the dangers of driving under the influence.

According to Michael Stewart, Arrive Alive’s program director, the group obtained the metal from a vehicle body shop in Vancouver, B.C., then shaped using a hydraulic press, and laser etched to inscribe the foreboding message.

“Impaired driving remains one of the leading criminal causes of death in Canada,” said Stewart in a statement on Arrive Alive’s website. “We want to remind people, on the biggest drinking night of the year, that there are consequences to driving drunk – and remind them to use a designated driver, take transit or download The Ride App for a safe ride home.”

Patrons responded to the message positively taking to twitter with pictures of the coasters and statements of approval.

“People saw them and started having conversations about how they got their license, how they behave behind the wheel,” Stewart told Global News.

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