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A Google Map Aimed at Reducing Drunk Driving


A Sacramento, California man has created a Google map aimed at curbing drunk driving.

Adam Wong created a Google map that identifies restaurants and bars near Regional Transit lines for people to use before and after drinking.

“It’s a very car-heavy city,” Wong told KCRA 3. “When people go to places, it tends to be by car, which results in a lot of fatalities from distracted driving and specifically — drunk driving.”

Wong has since shared his idea on Reddit with the hopes that it’ll reach more people.

“I think the last time I looked at it, it might be close to 6,000 views. It hasn’t stopped getting views since I made it a couple months ago,” said Wong.

In April, Wong introduced the map to the Regional Transit board who, in turn, gave Wong positive reviews. In fact, a several board members had indicated that they, themselves, have actually used the map.

“That’s when I was like, ‘Whoa! They actually used my map.’ It was cool. I don’t see what bad could come out of it,” Wong said.

Wong hopes to create a website to host the map so that it reaches more people.

“I hope that beyond old, new, returning riders take advantage of the map and public transit,” Wong said. “My ultimately wish is that I want to see Sacramento become a transit-friendly city, where we have an efficient transit system that we don’t have to take necessarily for entertainment, but for everyday life.”

If anybody happens to be visiting Sacramento anytime soon, here’s a link to Wong’s map:

Let’s hope that the map takes off and soon covers the rest of California.

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