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Lakers’ Caldwell-Pope Misses Games Due to Misdemeanor


Lakers guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope says he won’t be able to play in three Los Angeles Lakers road games outside California in the next month due to an operating under the influence offense. Caldwell-Pope is under a 25-day restriction due to a plea deal related to the misdemeanor offense he committed while with the Detroit Pistons.

Caldwell-Pope will be missing two games in Houston on December 20 and 31 and one in Minnesota on January 1. He already missed a road game against Cleveland last Thursday, in which the Lakers lost 121-112.

At his court appearance in Michigan this past week, Caldwell-Pope was given a 25-day restriction from leaving the state of California. Caldwell-Pope explained, “With the court situation, we came up with the agreement that I still get to carry on with my season, but only in the state of California for the 25-day restriction that I have. I was blessed that I am able to continue to play ball.”

Caldwell-Pope initially faced charges for operating a vehicle while intoxicated. In May, he pled guilty to a less serious charge of letting someone operate his vehicle while under the influence, which required a 12-month probation. But because of his professional basketball work schedule, the court modified his sentence and released him from probation early on the condition that he completes an intensive program over the next 25 days.

The Lakers guard was suspended from the first two Lakers games of the season in accordance with NBA’s personal conduct policy. Caldwell-Pope cannot leave the state for the duration of the intensive program, but according to his attorney, Jeffrey Lance Abood, Caldwell-Pope has had a cooperative attitude despite the obstacles his career has faced as a result. “We are pleased that Kentavious will now continue with his NBA season and move forward in a positive manner from this experience.”

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