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Anti-DUI Lawyer Arrested for DUI


David J. Maloney is known for his humorous commercials advocating his law firm and his strong stance against drunk drivers. He is a personal injury lawyer who has multiple commercials in which he states that he will not represent DUI offenders. One of his specialties include pursuing cases against drunk drivers.

This past weekend, Maloney was arrested on suspicion of DUI and for speeding on a Florida highway. When he was pulled over, the officer claimed that Maloney smelled of alcohol and had bloodshot eyes. Maloney refused to take a sobriety test and denied having drank alcohol prior to getting behind the wheel. Maloney was then arrested and taken into custody. Maloney tried to talk himself out of the arrest but the officer did not budge. He was booked into Escambia County Jail. Several hours later, Maloney was able to secure his release. He is set appear in court on June 1st.

Maloney was behind the wheel while intoxicated, something he condemns in his commercials. Maloney’s website states “We aggressively pursue cases against irresponsible drunk drivers… We fight to get maximum compensation for injury victims who has suffered harm because of the senseless and selfish acts of irresponsible drunk drivers”. After this incident, he might change his point of view on drunk drivers. Multiple outlets have reached out to Maloney for comment from him but he has not returned calls.

Some individuals have left their opinions on the arrest on his Facebook page. There is no saying how this will affect his law firm.

It looks like Maloney, an Anti-DUI lawyer is going to need help from a DUI defense attorney.

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