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What is the Most Dangerous State for Drunk Driving?


In which state would you think your chances of being injured by a drunk driver is the highest?  Which state has the highest incidence of DUI?  Which has the highest percentage of DUI arrests?  The highest fatality rate from drunk driving?

If you guessed California, you’d be wrong.  New York?  Wrong again.  Ditto all the usual suspects — Texas, New Jersey, Florida, Michigan, Louisiana, etc.

According to a recent study based upon statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the winner (loser?) is….North Dakota.

Right.  Sleepy, rural, midwest North Dakota!  The state was tied (with Montana) for #1 in DUI arrests and #1 in DUI fatalities.  Based upon these two statistics, as well as such others as DUI penalties, types of DUI laws and cost per fatality, the "Peace Garden State" was rated #1 overall.  

The dubious "top 10" contains a few more surprises:

1.  North Dakota

2.  Montana

3.  Idaho

4.  Wisconsin

5.  South Carolina

6.  South Dakota

7.  Pennsylvania

8.  New Mexico

9.  Rhode Island

10.  Vermont

Beware the scenic and peaceful byways and highways of Vermont!

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