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Woman Busted For Dui After Daughter Calls 911 On Her


Deborah Miller of Roswell, Georgia, is facing DUI charges after her 16-year- old daughter reported her drunk driving from the back of the car.

Miller was driving her teenage daughter and her daughter’s friends in late January when her daughter noticed that she was swerving all over the road. Apparently the daughter, at that point, pleaded with Miller several times to pull the vehicle over. When she didn’t, that is when Miller’s daughter called 911 from the backseat of Miller’s vehicle.

Miller was subsequently stopped and arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

"The juvenile reported that her mother was weaving on the roadway, and was concerned with her safety, as well as the safety of her mother," said Officer Lisa Holland, Roswell Police Department’s public information officer. “We commend the child for calling us," said Officer Holland. "By doing so, she may have prevented an accident, and she may have saved her mom’s life as well as others.”

Miller is now facing DUI charges.

It cannot be argued that the teen did not do the right thing. She most certainly did. And extra credit should be given to her for having the courage to call 911 on her own. 

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