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Uber’s Solution to Rowdy Drunk Drivers


The car sharing industry is witnessing an increase in the usage of their services. Uber is one of the companies that has seen the positive impact of this increase. They are thriving and encouraging customers to use car sharing services, to avoid driving intoxicated.

These companies have also seen the negative side of driving mostly intoxicated riders home. Uber is seeing an increase in assault on drivers by intoxicated riders. In extreme cases, the driver has sued a customer or a customer has sued the driver.

One of the areas Uber is known for is transporting people home safely after a night of heavy drinking. So to keep their customers happy and their drivers safe, Uber has been conducting an experiment in Charlotte, North Carolina in which the drivers place a Bop-It on the backseat of their cars.

The primary goal is to have their intoxicated riders invested in the Bop-It game so they do not distract the driver and arrive safely to their destination.

“An intoxicated rider who is engaged in something interesting is less likely to be irritable and aiming aggression at the driver”- Joe Sullivan, Uber’s chief security officer.

Furthermore, this is still just in the trial phase. Uber is working hard towards accommodating both their workers and customers since their business depends on safety.

People who are intoxicated should also know their limit, because they can face charges if they were to attack someone while under the influence of alcohol.

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