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Creating A Fair Driving Under The Influence Of Marijuana Test


Many people are celebrating the legalization of Marijuana but others are not as enthusiastic, especially law enforcement officials. Like alcohol, people will now be able to recreationally use the substance as they please. But of course with some restrictions as with most substances. Even before the legalization of recreational marijuana use, law enforcement has had a hard time dealing with drivers who are under the influence of marijuana. They have a hard time justifying whether marijuana impairs you as much as the consumption of alcohol. With the lines as blurry as ever when it comes to determining how intoxicated someone is, officers want to take keep these drivers off the wheel to prevent any marijuana related accidents.

As with alcohol, people have different tolerance levels with marijuana so to determine what is the minimum they should have in their system will be tough and a little unfair to the people who feel safe enough to drive but will probably end up with a driving under the influence penalty if stopped by an officer.

If you are stopped right now for suspicion of driving under the influence of marijuana, you would get penalized the same as driving under the influence of alcohol. To prove that you are impaired, officers will go through observations that you can find here. 

An assemblyman from Palmdale is looking to introduce a bill that will allow officers to take a sample of spit from drivers who have failed sobriety tests. They will insert the spit swab into detectors that will notify them in a matter of minutes if the driver is under the influence of marijuana. The use of swab spit test is currently used in the United Kingdom and have received some backlash because there is currently no way to test whether a person is intoxicated enough to stay off the road. 

Two similar bills were presented to state legislature in 2015. So there is a possibility that this one will not make it to become a law. 

It is going to be difficult to create a fair law for people driving under the influence of Marijuana because everyone has different tolerance levels. If you find yourself with a Driving under the influence of Marijuana accusation, make sure to contact the Law Offices of Taylor and Taylor.

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