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Study Ranks States In Terms Of Dui

|, a site that compares insurance companies, recently released a study that ranked the worst states for driving under the influence incidences.

The study was based on statistics gathered from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the Kids Count Data Center and  The study then compared the statistics of each state based on several factors; the state’s drunk driving related deaths in 2015, the state’s DUI arrests in 2015, the state’s laws and penalties for a DUI, and the cost per fatality.

According to the study, Vermont came in the tenth position as the best of the worst, for a lack of better phrases. Positions nine through two went to the following states in descending order: Rhode Island, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Idaho, and Montana.

The number one position as the worst state in terms of DUI is, drum roll, North Dakota.

According to the study, North Dakota ranked first in fatalities and DUI arrests in 2015.

 “I think that the combination of higher than average alcohol consumption and a higher chance of running into dangerous driving conditions with sleet, snow, and ice during the winter months could be the reason that we’re seeing so many of those norther states rank poorly,” Tyler Spraul, who directed the study, told USA TODAY.

Another study in 2009 ranked the Dakotas, Idaho, and Wisconsin as states with the highest alcohol consumption rate.

Where does California rank you might ask. California came in 35th overall in the study.

The methodology and full results of the study can be found here:

Most Dangerous States for Drunk Driving

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