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3rd DUI Could Lead to 10 Year Ban from Buying Alcohol


In an attempt to reduce the number of DUIs, the Tennessee State legislature has introduced a bill that would ban the sale of alcohol to anyone convicted of a third DUI for 10 years. 



The bill was created by State Rep. John B. Holsclaw and State Senator Frank Niceley. As the bill has been making its way through the Tennessee Senate, it has picked up bi-partisan support. 


"I love the idea," Democratic Sen. Lee Harris told WSMV. "I think it’s one of the most innovative ideas I’ve heard all year in the Tennessee Assembly. We have some folks out there who are repeat offenders who continue to drink and drive and we have to do something about it."


According to Holsclaw and Niceley, the proposed law would make it harder for people with serious drinking problems to have access to alcohol


If passed, the law would require people convicted of a third DUI to carry a driver’s license or identification card which would indicate that it is illegal for that person to purchase alcohol. 


The bill should come up before the full judiciary committee next week. 


I’m sorry, but this bill will not prevent a person from obtaining alcohol and it also will not reduce the number of DUIs. If a person is addicted to alcohol, they will find a way to get it without buying it. Niceley acknowledged as much when he spoke with IJReview about the possibility of having someone else purchase the alcohol for them. 


“Everyone knows that will happen. The question is: Will you buy me alcohol if I’m slobbering drunk? Hopefully, their friends will cut them off. We all know there are ways around it, [but] we’ve got to do something.” 


The “something” here completely misses the mark. 


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