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CHP Releases New Year’s DUI Arrest Stats


The California Highway Patrol is reporting that drunk driving arrests in Los Angeles County as well as throughout California have more than doubled during this past New Year’s holiday as compared with last year’s.

The numbers, however, are a little misleading since last year’s New Year’s crackdown included two less days than this year.

This past New Year’s crackdown lasted from 6:01 pm on December 31st to 6:00 am on Sunday, January 4th. During that time, CHP officers in Los Angeles County made 219 arrests. Last year, Los Angeles County saw less than half of this year’s numbers with a total of 104 DUI arrests.

Throughout California, CHP made 1,072 arrests over the New Year’s holiday period. This number also more than double from last year’s 457 arrests during the same period.

Bear in mind that the numbers from this year are actually fairly comparable to last year’s.

Unfortunately, California saw 14 deaths during the 84 hour period. Even though last year’s period was two days shorter, it saw the same number of deaths as this year. Los Angeles County suffered two of the 14 deaths this year. Last year it only saw one.

These numbers only reflect those arrests made by the CHP, not other law enforcement agencies

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