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Two California DUIs in One Weekend


The term “compulsion” can be found in most definitions of addiction. And we know that compulsion exists when a person cannot control their behavior even when they know that it is irrational or not in their best interest. If a person has been arrested for something, they know that doing it again is certainly not in their best interest. But in many cases with alcohol, they can’t help it. 



Now I’m not saying that’s what happened here, but it’s definitely a possibility.


The Santa Rosa Press Democrat reported that 55-year-old Donald Finn was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence twice this past weekend. 


Finn was arrested Friday night of suspicion of driving under the influence and cruelty to a child. He was booked into the Sonoma County Jail, but was released on Saturday morning. 


According to authorities, Finn was back in jail that same Saturday evening after being arrested, once again, on suspicion of driving under the influence. 


It would be difficult to say that Finn didn’t know that driving drunk immediately after being arrested wasn’t the best idea. What prompted Finn to put himself in that situation again, we won’t know. In my opinion, however, compulsion remains a likely culprit. 


Finn, if convicted, will be sentenced separately for both the first and second offense. And, although, much of the punishments for each case will run concurrent, Finn is facing a hefty amount of fines and fees on each case, three to five years of summary probation, an 18 or 30 month DUI program, a two year license suspension, and a minimum of 96 hours to a maximum of a year in jail. 


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