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Man Drinks Perfume to Hide Smell of Alcohol on His Breath


I’ve heard of drunk drivers eating all kinds of things to hide the smell of alcohol on their breath during a DUI stop; from the obvious mints and candy to the not-so-obvious underwear. That’s right, I said underwear. Well, an Australian man has joined the ranks of those willing to ingest extremely odd consumables in order to avoid a DUI.

Queensland authorities pulled over a 30-year-old man for speeding on Saturday morning reported the Australian Associated Press. A police spokeswoman told the press, “It’s alleged, when police were speaking to him, he drank perfume as a breath freshener to attempt to mask the scent of alcohol.”

It’s unclear which perfume the man drank. It’s also unclear if his blood alcohol content of 0.293 percent was the result of alcohol he drank prior to driving or the perfume. Most perfumes are alcohol based.

His blood alcohol content was almost six times Australia’s legal limit of 0.05 percent.

Following hospitalization for his ingestion of the eau de cologne, the man was arrested and charged with speeding and Australia’s version of the DUI. He’s scheduled to appear in Holland Park Magistrates Court on September 29th.

If an officer pulls you over because they believe you’ve been driving drunk, chances are they will “smell the strong odor of alcohol emitting from the defendant’s breath” regardless of what your breath actually smells like. Believe it or not, I’ve had cases where law enforcement “smelled” alcohol when it was later determined that my client was sober.

If anything, you’re going to raise law enforcement eyebrows if, when you open your mouth, they catch a strong whiff of CK1, Cool Water, or any other eau de toilette.

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