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Four DUIs in Less than Two Days


This just might be the record for most DUI arrests in the shortest period of time. A Rhode Island man has been charged with drunk driving four times in two days.

The Providence Journal reported that 53 year old John Lourenco was first arrested last Sunday morning when he crashed his truck into an SUV. A four year old and a six year who were riding in the back of the SUV were taken to the hospital and later released. Lourenco was also hospitalized and cited for drunk driving, but not before having to be restrained for throwing urine at hospital staff.

After being released from the hospital, Lourenco was arrested again the following morning at 7am. This time, Lourenco crashed a Chevy into another car. His breath later registered a blood alcohol content of 0.22 percent. He was cited again for DUI and released to the custody of his parents.

Lo and behold, a mere four hours later at 11am, Lourenco was spotted by law enforcement driving a Plymouth Barracuda erratically. He was arrested for drunk driving once again, cited, and then taken to Landmark Hospital. He was released a short time later.

What happened next? You might be able to guess what happened, but you’ll never guess how it happened.

At 5pm on Monday, Lourenco managed to drive a dump truck into a tree. You just can’t make this stuff up. He was arrested and returned to the hospital where, this time, was held for court.

Lourenco was arraigned last week on the first three incidences. He was scheduled for arraignment on September 24th for the fourth.

A couple of questions still linger.

First, why was he continually allowed to leave custody? Not to divert responsibility from Mr. Lourenco, but ask yourself, “Could the subsequent DUIs have been avoided had the police been a little bit more diligent?”

Second, where in the hell did this guy get all of these cars from?

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