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Cinco De Mayo Los Angeles Dui Checkpoints


Cinco de Mayo was, originally, a celebration of Mexico’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. May 5th has, however, evolved into a day where thousands of Mexican-Americans in Southern California, and throughout the country, celebrate Mexican heritage. With the tacos and piñatas come the beers and margaritas. But don’t celebrate freedom by having the police take it away for DUI this Cinco de Mayo.

Law Enforcement throughout Southern California will be on the lookout this weekend and Monday for drunk drivers who had a few too many Coronas.

There will be DUI checkpoints at the following times and locations:

Tonight from 8pm to 2am on Western Ave. at Eight St. in Koreatown.

Tonight from 8pm to 2am on Vermont at Melrose Ave. in East Hollywood.

Tonight from 7pm to 1am on Huntington Dr. at Poplar Ave. in El Sereno.

Tonight from 7pm to 1am on Manchester Ave. at Avalon Blvd. in South Los Angeles

Tonight from 6pm to 2am somewhere in Lancaster.

Saturday from 8pm to 2am on Cahuenga Blvd. at Broadlawn Dr. in Universal City.

Saturday from 8pm to 2am on Laurel Canyon Blvd. at Oxnard St. in North Hollywood.

Saturday from 6pm to 12am somewhere in Norwalk.

In addition to the checkpoints, there will be saturation patrols throughout Los Angeles and other Southern California counties.

Don’t risk it.

Get a cab. Call Uber. Find a designated driver. Plan to stay the night. Or use the only surefire way to avoid a Los Angeles DUI; don’t drink.

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

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