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Drunk Driver Stops to Use the Restroom at Police Station


I think it goes without saying that drinking impairs judgment. But when nature called after a Michigan man had a few too many, frantic inebriated judgment took him straight to the police.

Pittsfield Township Police arrested a 66-year-old Livonia man when he walked into Department of Public Safety last Sunday looking to use the restroom.

A firefighter first noticed the man was intoxicated and it was determined that he had driven to the location. Police officers were called in to perform some field sobriety tests on the man. After failing the tests, he submitted a breath sample. According to a police statement, the man’s blood alcohol content was above the 0.08 percent legal limit.

He was held until he sobered up and the case was submitted to the prosecutor’s office for charges of operating while intoxicated.

Among other things, alcohol affects our ability to use common sense and basic reasoning. If we can’t use common sense and basic reasoning while drunk with the most uncomplicated of tasks like finding an appropriate place to relieve ourselves, how can we to use it with a much more complex task like operating a vehicle?

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