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Former Detroit Lion Arrested for DUI then Burglary in California


There’s a flag on the field! Titus Young formerly of the Detroit Lions committed two fouls on one play.

A little more severe than an offsides call, Young was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and then arrested a short time later for burglary in Riverside, California.

Riverside County Sheriff representative, Lisa McConnell said that on Sunday, May 5th police saw young drive his Ford Mustang into oncoming traffic after making an illegal left turn. Officers stopped him and arrested him on suspicion of DUI. He was booked at the Robert Presley Detention center, cited and released a short time later.

About 14 hours later, a witness called the Moreno Valley Police to report a man scaling the fence of a tow company’s storage area. Young, who lives in Los Angeles, was arrested in the tow yard by responding officers for felony burglary. It was determined that he was attempting to steal back his vehicle.

Young was released from a California jail after posting $5,000 bail.

Young’s antics, although outside of the criminal justice system, have gotten him in trouble before. The Lions considered him more of a distraction to the team than an asset even though he had 81 catches for 990 yard and 10 touchdowns in two seasons. Young was accused of sucker punching teammate, Louis Delmas and deliberately lining up in the wrong place to object to lack of involvement in the team’s plays during a game. Young was subsequently disciplined following both incidents. He was released by the Lions in February.

There’s nothing like closing out a post with a bad joke:  If I was Young, I’d work on staying onsides of California DUI and burglary law. Zing!

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