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DUI is the Least of Former Detroit Lion, Titus Young’s Legal Problems


It’s rare that I write about updates on previous blogs back-to-back with that post. However, former Detroit Lion, Titus Young has not given me much time write about anything else.

On Friday I wrote about Young’s recent run-in with law. After being arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence on May 5th, Young was arrested a mere 14 hours later when a witness called the Moreno Valley Police to report someone scaling the fence of a tow yard. Young was allegedly attempting to “steal back” his vehicle following the impound of his vehicle as a result of the DUI arrest. He posted $5,000 bail and was released from custody.

On May 13th, however, a spokesperson for the Orange County Sheriff’s department reported that on Friday, May 10th (possibly as my blog on Young’s DUI was being posted) Young, was arrested once again in San Clemente, California, about sixty miles south of where he lives in Los Angeles. Orange County Sheriff spokesperson, Lieutenant Joe Balicki said that Young allegedly attempted to break into a San Clemente home. He then let deputies on a foot chase and attempted to fight them when they tried to detain him.

Young has since been charged with felony attempted burglary, felony assaulting a police officer, and misdemeanor resisting arrest. Young’s bail was set at $75,000.

It seems that Young’s California DUI is the least of his legal problems given his most recent set of charges. And an even less of a worry than the California DUI charges, has to be his once promising career. What team would want to sign such a liability? Not that it really matters if he’s found guilty and sentenced to jail time.

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