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Racing Under The Influence


It’s one thing to get caught going above the speed limit while driving under the influence. It’s a whole other thing to take to a race track drunk.  Well, that’s exactly what Leslie Charles Hunter allegedly did on a Northern California raceway.

According to the Northern California news source, the Santa Cruz Sentinel, the 64-year old was competing in a race at the Watsonville Ocean Speed Way in Watsonville, California. Other drivers in the race were complaining that Hunter was driving recklessly. Witnesses said that Hunter’s driving forced other drivers off of or to the side of the track.

Santa Cruz County Highway Patrol officer Jacob Gonzales responded to the scene. After the race finished, Gonzales found Hunter in the pit area of the track. After Gonzales conducted an investigation, he arrested Hunter on suspicion of driving under the influence. Although an exact number has yet to be released, the Santa Cruz Sentinel reported that Hunter’s alcohol content was above the legal limit of 0.08 percent.

Maybe Hunter was just pulling a page from the book of the 1913 Indianapolis 500 winner, Frenchman Jules Goux. Goux won the race in his first appearance after reportedly drinking six bottles of champagne during pit stops and told the press, “Without the good wine, I could not have won.” Unfortunately for Hunter they banned drivers from drinking alcohol in 1933.

As if race car driving wasn’t dangerous enough. Add alcohol to the mix and drivers could be on the fast-track to jail or, worse, the morgue.

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