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Spouses Receive Separate DUIs on the Same Day


A Rhode Island couple have taken the phrase “doing things as a couple” to a new level.

Michael and Stephanie Souza of Warwick, Rhode Island, were each arrested for two separate DUIs on the same night. On December 14, 2012, Stephanie Souza, 43, was arrested by Rhode Island State Police after she was pulled over and blew BAC levels of 0.145 and 0.138 percent. Shortly after Stephanie’s arrest, her husband Michael, 44, was called to pick his wife up.

Michael made it to the station, although not in the manner he anticipated. While on his way to the station to pick up his wife, he drove into a restricted area of the Lincoln Woods barracks. Troopers pulled Michael over and suspected him of also driving under the influence. Michael blew a BAC level of 0.191 percent. He too was arrested and taken to the same station as his wife.

State Police Colonel Stephen O’Donnell stated, “This particular incident is even more troubling and unbelievable that the husband of the suspect responding to a State Police Facility drove intoxicated to pick up his wife.”

Both were released to a family member, who fortunately was not arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence while picking them up. Both Michael and Stephanie were arraigned separately.

I don’t know if it’s considered being a good husband to risk getting a DUI to save your wife from jail. And I doubt that he’ll be able to claim entrapment as a defense since the police called him and told him to pick his wife up. At least the two of them will be able to spend more quality time together in their DUI classes.

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