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Driving Drunk Inside Of Walmart


You read that correctly. A Florida man was arrested earlier this month for driving an electric shopping cart drunk through the aisles of the popular retailer. Go ahead and add Timothy Carr to “The People of Walmart.”

Carr, a transient, drunkenly got behind the wheel of a motorized shopping cart in the store. He allegedly then pulled some booze off of the shelf and began drinking it while driving the cart. He was arrested after his cart began knocking items of shelves. Carr told cops that he wasn’t intending on paying for the beverage.

Carr was arrested for charges of disorderly intoxication and shoplifting. Although I do not know the Florida DUI laws, Carr was presumably not charged with driving under the influence because he was not on a public road and/or his shopping cart was not considered a motorized vehicle. It was probably the former since people have been charged for DUI in Florida for driving a lawn mower.

Earlier this year a California man was arrested for DUI, amongst other things, after CHP caught him drunkenly driving a stolen golf cart, loaded with stolen alcohol bottles, on State Route 4 near Copperopolis, California.

In May of 2012, a Minnesota man was arrested and charged with DWI when drove a Zamboni at local hockey game with a blood alcohol content of 0.32 percent. Witnesses at the hockey rink called the police when they noticed the Zamboni running into the boards that surround the ice rink.

So far we’ve covered DUI on a bike, DUI on a boat, DUI on a horse, even DUI on a raft. I guess only time will tell what other new and unusual “vehicles” people will get caught driving drunk in the future.

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