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Man Reports Own Drunk Driving


Unfortunately for Matthew Devore, honesty doesn’t get you out of a DUI charge.

We’re used to hearing DUI tales beginning with scenarios like officers pulling people over for erratic drunk driving, or failure of a breathalyzer at a DUI checkpoint, or fellow motorists reporting potential drunk drivers. But I had yet to hear of someone being arrested for a DUI that originated from the 911 call of an intoxicated driver reporting himself. Such was the case of 24 year old Matthew Devore of Logansport, Indiana.

After leaving a bar in the early hours of April 8th, Devore lost control of his vehicle and it ended up on an interstate median. After attempting to back out of the median, he realized he had blown a tire. It was at this point that Devore threw up the white flag and called 911 to say that he was drunk and needed to be taken off of the road.

Officers responded and noticed that Devore had bloody knuckles. According to Devore, he punched a wall after losing a game of darts. And why was Devore driving? According to Indiana State Trooper Daniele Elwood, Devore said that he “was sick of Indiana so he decided to go for a drive.” It was later determined that Devore’s blood alcohol content was a 0.09 percent, just above the legal limit.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so mad at a game that I just wanted to drive away from California. Granted, the California border is much further than the distance Devore had to drive to get out of Indiana. In any event, Devore should’ve have gotten out of Indiana through other means than driving drunk. Although it probably won’t help his court case, I’d like to give kudos to Devore for realizing, albeit a little late, that he posed a danger to the public and doing something about it, which is more than we can say of most drunk drivers.

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