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The Drunk Mirror


Some states have begun using creative and unorthodox methods for educating the public on the dangers of drunk driving. Recall my post on the advice giving urinal cakes being used in Michigan to remind bar and restaurant patrons to call cabs if they’ve had one too many. It seems Brazil has come up with its own unique method to combat drunk driving with the “Drunk Mirror.”

Ogilvy Brazil, an ad agency in Brazil, has teamed up with Allianz Insurance to create a high-tech digital mirrors that display a slightly delayed reflection of the bathroom goer at bars and restaurants. How is this done? The mirror is not actually a mirror but rather a monitor, disguised as a mirror that projects a reverse image onto the monitor. In other words, you see yourself in the monitor as if it were a mirror. The monitor, however, allows the reverse image on the monitor to be delayed by about a second.

A video clip released by Allianz shows bathroom goers caught on video reacting to the “mirror.”  Initially they seem confused by the lag in the reverse image of the “mirror.” Some are amused by and it and begin interacting with it.

So what does this have to do with preventing DUI’s you might ask?

Well, after a few seconds of interacting with the magic mirrors, bathroom goers are confronted with a very sobering message on the monitor that says, “This is how slow your reflexes are after only a few drinks.” The clip then shows the bathroom goers looking concerned by the message and concludes by one person abandoning his drink.

Ogilvy, in combating drunk driving with outrageous tactics, has also installed registers at bars that issued extreme bar tabs where the cost of a DUI related accident are factored into the bill. It has also deployed an apparently drunk valet at bars. When the car owners refused to hand their keys over, the valet would hand them a note saying, “Never let a drunk driver take your car. Even if that driver is you.”

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