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Dodgers Star Pitcher Called Out


In an article published by the L.A. Times, the issues created by a former DUI are discussed as they relate to potential immigration issue for Dodgers pitcher Ronald Belisario.  According to the article, Belisario had not yet received to training camp as of today, due in main part to visa problems aggravated by former misdemeanor DUI.

The Venezuelan has yet to arrive at Camelback Ranch because of visa problems, which were aggravated by a misdemeanor charge of  driving under the influence, stemming from an incident last June in Pasadena.

But his lawyer said Wednesday that the DUI case was resolved last week and that he couldn’t explain why the 27-year-old middle reliever still wasn’t in Arizona.

“I don’t know what’s going on,” Flanagan said. Dodgers officials said this week that they couldn’t explain the delay.

His lawyer said the initial charges against Belisario were reduced to a non-alcohol-related reckless-driving charge and that Belisario was fined $1,000. He also stated he appeared on behalf of Belisario at all of the case’s hearings.

He also said that “I knew this pending DUI delayed” Belisario’s visa application and “that’s why I hurried up the resolution of the case,” adding that he then sent the paperwork to Belisario’s agent.

His agent said Wednesday that “we submitted that” paperwork to U.S. immigration authorities and “we’re hoping to hear something in the next few days.”

In the meantime, Belisario remains in Venezuela and is “working out and ready to go as soon as he lands” in the United States, Kinzer said.

Belisario was a workhorse for the Dodgers last season, with 69 appearances, but the Dodgers have said it’s likely that the pitcher wouldn’t arrive at camp in time to be available opening day April 5.

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