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Two Duis In Two Hours


How is two DUIs in two hours possible if, after the first arrest, you remain in custody until you sober up? Apparently the Maryland State Police do not ensure the sobriety of arrested drunk drivers before they release them.

According to, Sharod Kindell Moffett, 24, of Great Mills, Maryland was arrested on July 11 at about 1:51 a.m. by Maryland State Trooper M.J. Pitcher. Moffett had made an unsafe lane change in a shopping center parking lot. Pitcher administered a breathalyzer which indicated that Moffett had a blood alcohol content of 0.15%. According to court papers, Trooper Pitcher stated, “I allowed Moffett to call a sober ride to give him a ride home.” Moffett was released, although it is not reported whether the Troopers ensured that someone sober did, in fact, picked up Moffett. At 3:30 a.m. Trooper Pitcher received a call from St. Mary’s sheriff Deputy Timothy Snyder, who assisted in the first arrest. Deputy Snyder stopped Moffett again, who was driving a different car, in the same parking lot. A second breathalyzer indicated Moffett had a blood alcohol content of 0.11%. Sure, the purpose of having DUI laws is to keep the streets safe. Who is responsible for keeping the street safe? Law enforcement is. Two queries:

  1. Why didn’t the officers wait until Moffett sobered up until they decided to release him?
  2. If they did decided to release him to “a sober friend,” why didn’t they ensure that he was, in fact, released to a sober friend?

Imagine how “safe” our streets would be if officers released drunk drivers immediately after arresting them without ensuring their sobriety or even that they’re being released to someone who can safely take them home.

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