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Have A Heads Up On Dui Checkpoints


The 4th of July passed not too long ago. I’m sure there are some of you out there who might have been inconvenienced with having to stop at a sobriety checkpoint. Driving home from the fireworks and BBQ you see the backed-up cars, the distant flashing blue and red lights, and eventually the bright yellow sign that says “DUI CHECKPOINT AHEAD.” Hopefully you were only inconvenienced and not caught driving under the influence. But wouldn’t it have been nice to know in advance where these dragnets were scooping up drunk drivers?

God bless digital communications. There now exists a Facebook page specifically dedicated to informing people of the times and locations of California DUI checkpoints. You can find the page here. Thanks for the heads up, Facebook! Maybe you don’t have a Facebook page, but you may have a Twitter account (although, it’s difficult to imagine using one and not the other nowadays).  Check out this page for up-to-date tweets on times and locations of California DUI checkpoints. Thanks for the heads up, Twitter! Maybe you don’t have either a Facebook page or a Twitter account, but you’ve got your trusty smartphone (although if you don’t have Facebook or Twitter, I don’t know what you’re looking at on your smartphone). Notwithstanding opposition from some lawmakers, there are apps committed to providing information on local DUI checkpoints at the tip of your finger, literally at your finger tip. Just searched my phone and found two apps: DUI Dodger and Buzzed. Thanks for the heads up, DUI Dodger and Buzzed! Avoid the inconveniences, but don’t drink and drive.

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