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What’s the deal with all these mailers?


Many clients ask me “why do I receive so many mailers from attorneys after I am arrested for a DUI.”  The answer to this is a somewhat simple answer, with layers of issues we will dive into a little bit here.  Quite simply put, most attorneys pay for the contact information of all the people arrested in their county.  There are several companies that specialize in the acquisition and dissemination of public records to attorneys.  DUI attorneys are especially interested in the public arrest reports which identify which people have been detained under the suspicion of DUI.

Because of these services, attorneys are able to get information like: name, address, arrest date, arrest county, and type of offense.  Attorneys then use this information to market directly to those that they think may be in need of there services.  The problem with this type of marketing scheme is that these companies sell this information to as many attorneys that will pay for it.  This turns into 500 attorneys getting your name, address, and arrest information in order to send you out a mailer immediately upon your arrest.

Do yourself a favor, don’t call every single Tom Dick and Harry in the pile hoping to snag your business.  Read them over, look at who really has DUI specific experience, and practices in your local court with regularity.  I do encourage you to “shop” for your attorney, meaning to interview several potential candidates before you finally decide to retain one.  I know this is difficult, but when doing so try and take money out of the equation.  Try and pretend in your mind that every lawyer costs the same, and then decide based on that principal which you would choose.  Once you have made that decision, working dollars and cents out is usually much easier.

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