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The Three Main Components Of A Dui


When arrested for a DUI in Southern California there are 3 main areas of immediate concern for most people.  They are: (1) the DMV, (2) the criminal court hearings,  and (3) the insurance implications.  Each one of these areas has separate and distinct policies and procedures that need to be carefully navigated through completion for the best possible result in your case.  The below tips are intended to give you a BRIEF overview of each area, so you have some preliminary knowledge about each topic before you meet with an experienced and qualified attorney.


The DMV is what stands between you and your license.  They are the agency which will decide whether or not the privilege of driving on the highway will continue to be extended to you, or be suspended for some determinate time. They require that within 10 days of your arrest, you request an administrative per se hearing.  If this deadline is missed, you waive your right and ability to fight for your license, and it will be suspended for a minimum 4 month period.


The criminal portion of this equation is involved, will take several months, and requires several appearances in court.  It all starts with the arraignment proceeding where you will be given the opportunity to plead guilty or not guilty. This hearing, as well as the several that follow, have long standing consequences and are not to be taken lightly. Ultimately, the penalties can include fines, fees, years of probation, months of AA classes, and be an overall drain.  There are many levels of success when it comes to your overall defense, and having an experience and aggressive attorney on your side only increases your chances of a favorable result.


Additionally, if you fight and loose your DMV hearing you may still qualify for a restricted license.  In many counties, the court is requiring an ignition interlock device, and SR-22 proof of insurance in order to qualify for a restricted license.  Companies like Breathe Easy Insurance specialize in SR-22 insurance for those who have fallen victim to a DUI arrest.

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