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Dangerous to Drive Under the Influence of Drugs, We Know


The California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) issued a press release announcing that over 95 percent of California drivers view driving under the influence of drugs as a problem on California roadways. The statistic comes from a driver opinion survey released by the OTS on November 26, 2012. The annual survey on driver opinions of driving habits also stated that of the 95 percent who consider diving under the influence of drug a problem, 71.5 percent consider it “a very big problem.”

Less than one percent of those surveyed believed that people who drive under the influence of drugs should receive a lesser sentence than those who drive under the influence of alcohol. About 90 percent of people supported sobriety checkpoints.

Apparently, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol isn’t the biggest worry for California Drivers.

“With this third year of survey results, we’re able to now see which problems and issues people are reacting to and which are remaining relatively constant,” said OTS Director Christopher J. Murphy. “Cell phone use is obviously top of the mind right now, which is good, but they still recognize the huge dangers posed by things like drug-impaired and alcohol-impaired driving, and aggressive driving.”

80 percent of people ranked cell phone talking and texting as the biggest problem on California roads. They might be right, at least in Southern California. 31.1 percent of drivers 25 to 34 years old talked “regularly” or “sometimes” on a cell while driving. 19.3 percent of Southern Californians texted “regularly” or “sometimes.”

The survey was conducted in 15 counties throughout California. 1,887 drivers age 18 and over were interviewed at gas stations throughout late summer.

I propose one more category to be added to next year’s survey:  “drunk texting while driving.”

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