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Sleeping Under the Influence – Lying on the Grass


A recent dispatch from the front: Monmouth County Man Accused of Drunken Driving in Morris County

Madison, NJ — A Holmdel man was charged with driving while intoxicated after police found him lying on the grass near his parked car, police said today.

Devin R. McQuade, 23, was also charged with careless driving, Madison police spokesman Lt. Darren Dachisen said.

Officer Paul Papamarkos was on patrol around 4:15 a.m. Friday when he found McQuade’s car parked on Loantaka Way, near a walking path. As he was checking out the vehicle, a 9-1-1 caller reported a man lying in the grass a short distance away.

After a brief search, Papamarkos found McQuade lying on his face in the grass. He was found to be highly intoxicated and arrested, Dachisen said.

Uh…It’s still drunk driving, isn’t it?  I mean, like in…driving?

Well, I guess that taught citizen McQuade a lesson: Next time you’ve had a few, don’t act responsibly by stopping and sleeping it off — just keep driving!

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