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More News From the Battlefront….


Another potential killer removed from our highways:

Man Rides Motorbike in Court

Woodstock, IL.  Sept. 25 — A Marengo man charged with drunken driving rode his motorbike in court Tuesday, not to it.

Carl Ahrens, 36, said he rode his Razor MX500 from Judge Thomas Meyer’s bench to the back of the courtroom in an effort to prove that the bike was a toy, not a motor vehicle. It operates on a 12-volt battery.

Despite the demonstration, the judge disagreed, and Ahrens’ license was suspended for six months…

Ahrens said he had been sitting on the bike across the street from his house when an officer approached him, likely after a complaint from a neighbor. He said he was placed under arrest, and the bike was placed in the officer’s trunk.

“I can’t believe I’m in this much trouble over a toy,” Ahrens said. “It goes 4 miles an hour. I plug it in overnight.”

Your tax dollars at work.

(Thanks to Hockey Bobc.)

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