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Fast-Food Dragnet Fails


A few days ago I posted about the latest police tactic: stationing cops in fast-food drive-thrus and nabbing drivers if they appeared to have DUI symptoms.  See Burger With Fries…and Field Sobriety Tests.  

So how has that brilliant scheme worked out?

Plan To Get Drunks at Drive-Thrus Falls Flat

Tucson, AZ  —  A plan by the Pima County Sheriff’s Department that would have stationed deputies at fast-food joints to sniff out drunken drivers appears to have fallen flat.

The department had hoped to target drunken driving by putting undercover deputies inside 24-hour fast-food restaurants to spot impaired drivers placing their orders. If deputies spotted someone with classic symptoms of impairment, they were to call a uniformed deputy stationed outside to pull the driver over.

But sheriff’s Lt. Karl Woolridge says the department asked various fast-food chains if they’d agree to be a part of the program, but all of them declined.

Hmmm….I can’t imagine why the owners of the chains wouldn’t want cops in their places harrassing their customers.  Oh well, back to the drawing board….

(Thanks to Jim Nesci)

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