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Who Judges the Judges?


So you got arrested for drunk driving — after crashing into a parked police car, injuring the cop, making racist remarks to him, and then blowing .16% on the breathalyzer.    So you’re looking at, what…60 days in jail?  120 days?  Maybe felony drunk driving?

Not if you’re a judge…..

Cofield Accepted Into Alcohol Rehabilitation Program

Hartford, CT.  Dec. 8, 2008 – In a proceeding that took less than 15 minutes, a judge who police say was drunk when she drove into a parked state police cruiser — and who allegedly made racist remarks after the collision — was accepted into an alcohol education program today in Superior Court in Manchester.

Judge E. Curtissa Cofield, 60, sideswiped the patrol car in a Route 2 construction zone in Glastonbury Oct. 9 and was charged with driving under the influence and failure to drive in the proper lane. The state police initially said no one was injured, although the trooper’s lawyer recently told the court the trooper had suffered some sort of arm injury.

Still, Judge William Bright Jr., opted to allow her to participate in the program, which, if successfully completed, could lead to the erasure of the charges against her in a year.

The injured cop voiced his objection to the "sentence", according to another press report.  But Judge Cofield will continue sitting on the bench…presiding, incidentally, over criminal cases — including drunk driving.

(Thanks to Andre.)

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