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Presumed Guilt Continues In Dui Cases


In this country, we have certain constitutional protections.  One of the most important of these is the presumption of innocence.  But as I’ve posted repeatedly in the past, this no longer exists in drunk driving cases.  See, for example, Whatever Happened to the Presumption of Innocence? and If You Can’t Prove It, Make the Defendant Disprove It.  And for those who think this is limited to DUIs, keep in mind that we are a nation of legal precedent — that if the Constitution is ignored in drunk driving cases today, it can be ignored in free speech cases tommorrow.  See my post, Who Cares About Drunks?

In yesterday’s news, yet another example of the new presumption of guilt in America:

Law Requires Detection Device After DUI Arrest

Illinois.  Jan. 14 – On Jan. 1, an Illinois law took effect that requires people arrested — not convicted — for the first time of drunk driving to install a Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device in their vehicle.

"It’s a great concept," said Officer Anthony Ikis of River Grove, who in 2007 arrested 200 drunk drivers. "I really like it. I hope it works."

Drivers must pay the cost of the devices, $80 to $100 to install, and the monthly $110 for rental and monitoring fees.

"The money aspect is pretty frightening," Ikis said. "When money comes out of people’s pockets, people start to think a little bit more."

Guilty (and punished) until proven innocent…."A great concept".

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