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Axe Body Spray DUI Cover Up


We’ve all probably heard stories about people coming up with creative ways to get high or to get drunk. There have been rumors about how the alcohol content in mouthwash can interfere with the breathalyzer results. People have also tried frantically chewing on breath mints to mask their breath when police pull them over.

If you’ve been here a while, you’ll remember the story a few months ago about a woman who was suspected of using vanilla extract to get drunk. This time, we have a story about someone trying to be clever in covering up the fact that he was under the influence.

A South Carolinian man, identified as Efren Mencia Ramirez, was pulled over by local deputies on March 23 when they noticed that he was driving erratically. They saw him speeding and swerving carelessly into other lanes. As they approached the vehicle, the officers saw Ramirez spray what looked like Axe body spray straight into his mouth. It seemed Ramirez hoped that doing this would mask the smell of alcohol on his breath. Sadly, this did nothing to hide the fact that there was a 12-pack of beer in his car and about 10 of them were nearly empty.

Reports say that Ramirez was also found with an open bottle between his legs. The quickest thing Ramirez thought to do was spray deodorant into his mouth, so I am not surprised that he failed his sobriety tests. He showed signs of intoxication and was not able to properly conduct himself. Ramirez’s blood alcohol content came out to be 0.15, and the passenger in his vehicle was also charged with an open container violation. It’s dangerous to drive drunk and it’s dangerous to use chemicals in a way that was unintended. Things would be a lot easier if you drive responsibly.

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