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Drunk Driver Crashes into Witnesses Reporting the Drunk Driver


Talk about putting yourself in harm’s way.

Earlier this week, three Florida women who had been following and simultaneously reporting a drunk driver to police were crashed into by the same drunk driver. The collision, however, was not an accident, but rather very much intended by the women.

Suzzette Williams, Angelina Powell and an unidentified woman had spotted a Chevy Cavalier driving erratically, weaving between lanes, and hitting curbs. Williams, who was driving, followed the suspected drunk driver while one passenger called police and the other broadcasted the incident over Facebook live.

Williams then took matters into her own hands as she pulled in front of the Cavalier and abruptly slammed on her brakes. The Cavalier rear-ended Williams’s Nissan Sentra and came to a stop.

The Cavalier was being driven by 25-year-old Brittany Sharp.

Florida Highway patrol arrived and arrested Sharp on suspicion of driving under the influence. She was then transported to a nearby hospital for treatment of minor injuries sustained in the collision.

Although Highway Patrol Lt. Greg Bueno praised Williams and her passengers for calling police, he didn’t recommend that others take matters into their own hands in stopping drunk drivers as Williams had done.

“If you’re able to call in a description of a car, direction, a tag, all that is beneficial,” Bueno told NBC. “But what we don’t want is of course for any other secondary collisions or for someone to get hurt.”

Sharp was charged with driving under the influence, driving on a suspended license, and reckless driving. She is being held without bond at the Lee County jail and is scheduled to appear in court on September 18th.

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