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Towing Law To Discourage Drunk Driving


The city commission of Tallahassee, Florida will be discussing a new towing ordinance to discourage drunk driving, but not the type of towing law you might think.

The new law, if passed, would prohibit towing of vehicles left in the parking lots of alcohol-serving establishments after hours.

The idea is that people who have been drinking might be reluctant to leave their vehicle in the parking lot of a bar or restaurant and obtain public transportation for fear that their vehicle may be towed if left in the parking lot after hours. The law, if passed, would eliminate that fear, and actually encourage the use of public transportation.

"It’s the responsibility of establishments that sell alcohol to advocate for responsible drinking," Gabe Grass, owner of Grasslands Brewing, told WTXL. "That’s why we say, ‘Don’t worry about driving home out of fear of being towed, because you won’t be towed.’"

"I’ve never really liked the idea of forcing somebody to take their cars out of here. You want them to feel safe — that their possessions are safe whenever they visit an establishment," said Chris Eldridge, owner of Krewe De Gras. "Where some people could have an issue is daytime businesses that would suffer parking because there’s still cars in the parking lot.

A public hearing on the ordinance is set for April 26th.

I’ve got to say, it’s rather refreshing to hear of the consideration of laws which help people avoid driving drunk rather than laws which merely punish people after they’ve driven drunk.

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