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Juggling As A Field Sobriety Test


A college student who was stopped on suspicion of driving under the influence proved that he was sober by juggling.

Ok, so the title is a little misleading. To be clear from the outset, the officer did not require Blayk Puckett to perform the unusual task.

Officers pulled over Puckett’s vehicle, which bore the license plate “JUGGLER,” this past Friday in Conway, Arkansas for driving slowly and having a broken tail light. Officers admitted that they initially believed that Puckett was driving under the influence. However, according to the officers, after having a brief conversation with Puckett, they determined that he was sober.

Also during the conversation, officers asked Puckett what he had in his pocket. Puckett then told the officers, “This is going to sound really weird. I’m a magician and it’s a magic prop.”

Puckett also revealed that he was a juggler and that there were juggling pins in his back seat and offered to juggle for the officers.

Puckett began juggling and, while doing so, joked, “This is the new sobriety test in Conway.”

After the juggling act, officers told Puckett why they had pulled him over to which Puckett responded, “Nobody could do that while intoxicated.”

Puckett was released without a citation.

Video of the encounter can be seen here:

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