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Ninth time is not a charm, it is a felony DUI


“Third time’s a charm” is a saying that many people live by. The third time around, we learn from most situation, good or bad. This is not the case for a man from the LA area. This man, Derek Stacy Haskayne, who is from the Placentia area, has been arrested eight times for drunk driving in the past six years! Now it is time to add another arrest. Last weekend, he was arrested once more when he crashed his car while under the influence.

Witnesses and police records state that Haskayne was trying to escape the scene post-crash. Luckily enough, he did not cause greater damage seeing as he crashed into an electrical pole. Police found the car on top of a Southern California electrical box.

Police later discovered that Haskayne had numerous DUIs dating back to 2011. This latest arrest will be counted as a felony DUI. He is also being charged for driving with a suspended license, driving without a breathalyzer installed in the car, and violating his DUI probation. The Placentia resident will be held without bail. When someone gets a DUI, it is considered an offense and usually has less penalties than would a felony. Making this a felony will make it tougher for Haskayne to be let off easily. Let this be a lesson to all. Let your first DUI be reason enough to not drink and drive again.

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