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Drunk Driver Shot To Death By Cop


In today’s news….

Police Officer Kills Tennessee Man Fleeing Arrest

Lenoir City, TN.  Mar 14 — A Tennessee police officer shot and killed the driver of a pickup truck the officer was trying to arrest for suspected driving under the influence, authorities said on Monday.

Joshua Grubb, 30, of Clinton, Tennessee, was killed on Sunday morning at around 1 am ET after he tried to flee the scene in Lenoir City, Tennessee, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Lenoir City police said. Lenoir City is about 30 miles southwest of Knoxville.

The officer, Tyrel Lorenz, was sent to investigate a possible DUI after a 911 call and spotted the truck matching the description of the vehicle in question at a convenience store, the TBI and Lenoir City police said…

The officer made contact with the three occupants and had placed Brandon Taylor, one of the three in the truck, in handcuffs when Grubb began to drive away. The officer jumped then into the truck bed to try to prevent Grubb from fleeing, the TBI and police said.

The officer remained in the truck bed as the vehicle left the parking lot and pulled onto the road. The officer fired shots into the cab after ordering Grubb to stop, the TBI and police said. The driver was struck and killed, and the truck stopped at the side of the road….

The so-called "War on Drunk Driving" continues….

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