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Alleged Drunk Driver Crashes into Anti-Drunk Driving Message


Every once in a while I’ll see a smashed up vehicle on the side of the road. It’s not until I drive a little closer that I realize the vehicle has an anti-drunk driving message painted on it and I realize that the vehicle is part of a public service message reminding drivers of the dangers of driving drunk.

Denis Lafferty, who owns Carzntrux Collision Repair in Salem, Oregon, became tired of drunk drivers crashing through a fence near his shop and causing damage to vehicles. Apparently the street corner on which his shop sits is particularly prone to drunk driving related crashes. So Lafferty created a similar anti-drunk driving message to those public service messages we sometimes see on the side of the road here in California.

Lafferty painted the phrase “Don’t Drink & Drive!” onto the side of an inoperable pickup truck’s bed and faced the message toward the street.

Lafferty’s message didn’t work.

This past weekend, Salem police responded to an alleged DUI-related crash, once again, right in front of Lafferty’s shop. An alleged drunk driver, later identified as Erick Clifford Jones, drove his own truck through a chain-link fence and right into the back of Lafferty’s anti-drunk driving message bearing truck.

“This driver managed to land his vehicle right on top of it,” said Lafferty.

Court records revealed that in 2014 Jones was convicted of fleeing officers, reckless driving and reckless endangerment. He had only had his license reinstated since March.

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