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Labor Day Weekend


Summer is coming to an end and to celebrate it, we have the long awaited Labor Day weekend. A weekend where state police will be working twice as hard to keep drunk drivers off the road. In 2015, California High Patrol made 1,094 DUI arrests statewide and reported 17 DUI-related deaths. In order to lower those numbers, California High Patrol has been working nonstop all summer to increase checkpoints in order to prevent fatalities caused by drunk driving.

Police stations statewide have made it especially known that they are not going to tolerate any drinking and driving. Fourth of July weekend accounted for 948 arrests statewide and 23 DUI related fatalities.

If you are thinking of going out and drinking alcohol this weekend, be responsible. Don’t drink and drive. If you are going out with friends, make sure to have a designated driver who will not drink so your group can get home safely. Be aware of the checkpoints happening throughout the city so you can be prepared in case you have to show proper documentation. There are many options available for those who do not want to drive. Lyft and Uber drivers will be available in surplus to take you home safely. For those that have car insurance and do not want to pay for ride-sharing services, AAA will be providing rides home during holiday weekends through the holiday safe ride program. Please check online before calling as this program is not available everywhere.

There are many options out there for those who want to enjoy the weekend and spend some time with friends. As always, we have to remember to drink responsibly, we are all human and sometimes have a little too much to drink but we must always use our better judgement.

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