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Deputy Lies About More Than 100 Dui Cases


Whether you are driving while intoxicated or not, if you are stopped by a cop under for suspicion of driving under the influence, you expect a fair chance at either taking the breath test, calling a witness to watch you take a breath test, or calling an attorney. You get approximately a 30-minute window since you can refuse to take the test and get your license revoked for a year, or have a witness watch as you take your breath test.

While most cops are fair in giving you these options, there are a handful who lie and result in getting your license revoked. Such was the case for more 100 DUI cases at Wake County Police Department in Raleigh, North Carolina. Sheriff’s deputy Robert Davis lied on the stand multiple times and ultimately the Wake County District Attorney, Lorrin Freeman, dismissed the cases for those accused of driving under the influence. Freeman said that Davis had been untruthful in three different incidents in which he made false statements on court documents and on the witness stand.

One of the incidents took place in August 2014, in which a woman was stopped for suspected driving under the influence when Davis took her to the Wake Forest Police Department for a breath test. According to DUI laws, you may refuse to take the test but it will result in getting your license revoked for a period of time. You may have the options of calling an attorney for advice or a witness to monitor the test, but the testing cannot be delayed for more than 30 minutes.

According to the court’s order, “Davis did not give the driver the full time to contact a witness before recording her as not requesting one.” He noted her as refusing to take the breath test and filed paperwork with the Department of Motor Vehicles stating that she refused to take the test even though she still had questions about taking the test. The Department of Motor Vehicles then sent the woman a notice that her license was going to be revoked for a year. As a result, the woman asked for a hearing. At the hearing, it was revealed that Davis pushed her to take the test even though she still had the 30 minutes to call a witness or a lawyer. This happened again with two other arrests made by Davis.

In wake of these false accusations done by Davis, he was fired by the Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison.

Cases like this happen more frequently than not, but very few of them get the justice they deserve. Police officers should be held accountable for their actions just as the community they serve. They are here ultimately to provide justice and safety to our community. Are they supposed to be trusted when they are making false accusations and negatively affecting someone’s life?


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