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Stopped for a California DUI? If So, New App Calls Lawyer on the Spot


Every so often I post on the DUI-related smartphone apps being developed. “Duey Dialer” is the newest of such phone apps and it’s causing somewhat of a stir with law enforcement and Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).

When downloaded to a user’s phone, “Duey Dialer” allows a person to push a button and be automatically connected with a local attorney in real time. The app, according to its creator, is intended to allow users to exercise rights during DUI stops.

Co-creator Daniel Delgado told FOX 43, “If you run into a DUI stop and you’re detained and arrested, that whole process of trying to find an attorney later and making sure you exercise your rights may be difficult, so this collapsed the time frame there.”

The app, when activated, also records the user’s interaction with the arresting officer.

Not surprisingly, the app has come under criticism by law enforcement and MADD who are arguing that the app may hinder the DUI investigation and arrest, and assists drunk drivers.

The creators of the app insist, and I agree, that the app is merely intended to preserve the right to an attorney and allows a person to invoke that right without having to wait.

Our rights don’t just exist after we’re arrested or when it is convenient for law enforcement. If there exists an app or anything for that matter which assists and allows us to assert our constitutional rights, it gets my thumbs up.

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