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San Diego Prosecutor Sentenced On 2nd Dui In Two Years


Deputy District Attorney Rebecca Ocain was sentenced by Judge Matthew C. Braner last month for her second DUI in two years.

In early October, Ocain pleaded guilty to misdemeanor drunk driving and hit-and-run. At the time of the incident, she drunkenly crashed into the wall of a cemetery breaking her arm. Ocain asked a minor who witnessed the collision for a ride. When the minor told Ocain to wait for the police to arrive, Ocain fled the scene on foot. She was arrested a quarter of a mile from the scene.

An hour after the collision, Ocain submitted to a chemical test which revealed a blood alcohol content of 0.30 percent.

A prosecutor from the Deputy Attorney General’s Office prosecuted Ocain’s case to avoid a conflict of interest with the District Attorney’s Office.

Last year Ocain pleaded guilty to a DUI and having a blood alcohol content of 0.28 percent.

“This is a person who has devoted her entire career to making the world a safer place for everyone,” Ocain’s defense attorney, J. Gregory Turner told Judge Braner. “Ms. Ocain let herself go and lost focus. She lost track of who she was.”

Judge Braner ordered Ocain to wear an alcohol-monitoring anklet for 90 days. Ocain is to then enroll in a home detention program for 125 days. Additionally, Ocain fined $2,635 and ordered to enroll in a DUI program for multiple offenders.

Ocain should consider herself lucky to not actually serve jail time for this DUI as many prosecutors, like herself, would have pushed for actual jail time for an incident like this.

Let’s hope that Ocain remembers this the next time she prosecutes someone for driving under the influence.

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