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St. Patrick’s Day DUI


Traditionally March 17th commemorates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland as well as marks the death the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. In the United States, however, St. Patrick’s Day has become a day where we celebrate Irish American culture. And how do many of us do that? With copious amounts of green beer, amongst other drinks. 



Unfortunately, it’s no surprise that statistically DUIs skyrocket on St. Patrick’s Day. You can bet your four-leafed clovers that law enforcement will be out this St. Patrick’s Day looking to arrest drunk drivers who have had one too many green beers. 


Although St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Monday, bar goers can expect increased police presence throughout this weekend. Law enforcement agencies throughout Southern California will be setting up sobriety checkpoints and saturation patrols in high traffic locations. 


Don’t count on green luck to avoid getting arrested on a DUI this St. Patrick’s Day. The following is a list of things people can do to ensure they’re not spending a pot-of-gold’s worth of money fighting DUI charges:


–Appoint a designated driver. Make sure that the designated driver remains sober. Often is the case that “designated drivers” just don’t drink as much as their passengers. This is not a designated driver, but someone who runs the risk of getting arrested for drunk driving.


–Use alternative means of transportation. We live in a time where a trolley is not the only way to get somewhere without driving. Take a taxi…if you can get one. Good luck with that. Use Uber or Lyft or another ridesharing app. Although a little more expensive, they more available and a little nicer than a cab.


–Stay the night. Unless you want to be arrested for drunk in public, don’t try this one at the bar you go to. However, if you attend a St. Paddy’s Day party, ask the host if you can crash on the couch. 


–Don’t drink. This may not be the most appealing option if you want to partake in the festivities. However, it is the only surefire way to avoid a California DUI if you plan on driving this St. Patrick’s Day. 


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