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New Year’s Eve in California


A California New Year’s is about resolutions, champagne popping, and Rose Bowl parade watching in this time of year again. New Year’s can be full of great times, but the California High Way Patrol will be on high alert this weekend. Not only does Thanksgiving and Christmas bring many people into receiving DUIs, but New Year’s Eve is not a holiday exception. 

If you are not interested in receiving a DUI this holiday, we have a few suggestions. On a busy holiday like New Year’s, we would recommend staying in a group. Don’t walk home alone while intoxicated. Although you are not driving, this does not mean you will not get into any trouble. It is always best to plan ahead. Make sure that there is a sober driver in your group or prepare to have an Uber or taxi driver take you and your group home. Lastly, don’t get into a car with someone who is driving under the influence of anything. Take their keys and find a new way home.

This past Thanksgiving there were 618 DUI arrests and 14 fatal accidents in our state. In December 2013, there were 733 crashes in which at least one driver had a blood alcohol concentration above the legal limit. If you are convicted of driving under the influence you could face jail time, loss of your driver’s license, as well as thousands of dollars in fees. Last but not least, you risk the lives of yourself and others.

This New Year’s, drive safely with someone you trust and have fun!

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